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It's coming our annual Baby's 1st Halloween Shop 'n Stroll Class. Check our Shop 'n Stroll page for more details!

Come Workout with Us!

Shop ‘n Stroll is a workout that turns your stroller into a portable fitness machine and takes baby along for the ride. The classes consist of a power walking combined with body sculpting exercises using exercise tubing, the stroller and the mall environment with the last 15 minutes devoted to socializing for moms/dads and songs for baby. Dads welcome too.

About Us

Runners and Booties Fitness offers specially designed fitness and dance classes for mom, baby and toddler. Whether you're looking to get out of the house, meet new moms or get back in shape we have the perfect class for you and your little one.

Come Dance with Us!

Zumba for Mom & Baby is a fun, upbeat workout with lively music and rhythms. With babies comfy in their car seat and stroller moms (dads welcome too!) dance around and interact with baby all while feeling the Latin rhythms of cambia, salsa, belly-dancing! Enjoy social time after class allowing new moms to get to know each other.