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Complete this section if you are registering for a Shop 'n Stroll Fitness Class. If you would like to attend another class location please select your 2nd class location from the drop down menu below. Classes are sponsored by the shopping centre indicated and are FREE to attend.
Classes are sponsored by the BWT and are FREE to attend.

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I am aware that Zumba for Mom & Baby, Shop n' Stroll and Groovin' Tots will involve 45-60 mins or more of stress on my muscular and cardiovascular systems. I understand that I am cautioned not to overwork my body and to do only the movements I am physically capable of executing. I understand that I must be in a good health to participate in RB Fitness classes. I understand that before participation in RB classes I should receive medical clearance from my physician or midwife if joining before my 6 week postnatal checkup. I understand that I am solely responsible for supervising and guarding the health and safety of my child at all times. I hereby release and waive for myself, and on behalf of my child, my heirs , any and all rights to claims from damages arising from any illness,injury, occurence or aggravation to myself or my child as a result of participation in or connection with Runners and Booties Fitness Policies. I hereby release any or all photographs, digital images or video taken at classes of myself, or my child for marketing or instructional purposes.
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